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About Capoeira Ijexá

Capoeira IJEXÁ was established by Mestre Urubu Malandro in San Francisco, California in 1996. The group currently conducts classes for adults 3 days a week at 2095 Harrison Street in San Francisco. The dedication and hard work of both the students and teacher have enabled Capoeira IJEXÁ to grow and prosper in the Capoeira community. Capoeira IJEXÁ offers workshops and performances for schools, organizations, special events, and festivals. Past performances include AcroSports City Circus, Flavor Group, Urban Momentum Dance week, Future Primitive Sound, San Fransicso Chronicle, and San Francisco ZooFest, LAM and more. For information about booking contact us:

  • Mestre Urubu Malandro

    Mestre Urubu Malandro is a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and has studied Capoeira for over 24 years under the esteemed Brazillian Mestre Suassuna. He is a graduated Mestre of this fascinating martial art/folkloric dance form.

    In 1990, Urubu formed the professional Capoeira group Gingarte, and performed throughout Brazil and South America, the United Kingdom, and the USA. In 1989 and 1991, Urubu went on tour as a featured dancer and musician with the internationally acclaimed folkloric revue, Oba!Oba!. In 1993, he appeared in the San Francisco Opera’s presentation of Turandot to rave reviews.

  • Mestre Urubu Malandro

    Urubu is also an accomplished percussionist with extensive knowledge of Brazillian rhythms, including classic samba, afoxe, and the sacred rhythms of candomble. He has played with the best Brazillian bands in the Bay Area and is sougnt after as a studio musician, specializing in Afro-Brazillian.

    Urubu brings a wealth of experience and a profound sense of joy to his work with children and adults. His energy is infectious, and the response in always positive!

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    Monday: 7pm-9pm

    Wednesday: 7pm-9pm

    Friday: 6:30pm-8pm


    Location: 2095 Harrison Street,

    San Francisco, CA 94110

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    Our youngest classes start at ages 3 1/2.

    Capoeira exposes youth to Brazilian culture through playing instruments, singing songs, and moving their bodies. Students develop self-esteem, coordination, rhythm, strength, flexibility, and cooperative skills.

    more info: 415-252-8059
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    Classes for special events and performances please contact Mestre Urubu Malandro at

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    Pacifica, CA

    Pacifica Athletic Center (P.A.C.)

    640B Crespi Drive, Pacifica


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    Portland, OR

    Academy of Kung Fu

    3228 SE 21st Ave

    Portland, OR 97202


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2095 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA 94110